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    Moby Dick

    Herman Melville · Promolibro

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    Moby Dick;the Whale is the work of American writer and poet,Herman Melville (1819-1891).Best known simply as Moby Dick, the novel narrates the story of Ahab,Captain of the whaler Pequod and his quest to kill rhe great white whale that gives the novel its name,as revenge for sinking his previous vessel and losing one of his legs. Melville relied on his experiences at sea,to craft a very complex and thorough narrative about whaling and me hardships of being a sailor,especially one on the hunt for the greatest creatures the oceans have ever seen.He also delved deeply into historical texts,scientific papers and personal interviews,in order to build and maintain the realness of his story,and also to bring the written page closer and closer to existence. Moby Dick was not a commercial success during the author's lifetime,as critics in England where the novel was first published-were less rhan welcoming to the literary devices ofMelville and his tale of revenge.The new century brought a renewed interest in undiscovered and rerlooked American literature,especially amongst academic circles

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