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    portada 25 Lessons of Power of Stephen Hawking
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    25 Lessons of Power of Stephen Hawking

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    He was a man of deep understanding, a genius that saw the universe in a way most of us cannot comprehend. His drive to live made him a pop culture icon. His famous for his work with black holes and the theory of the creation of the universe. This amazing British genius that could not be stopped by one of the world’s strangest disease is Stephen Hawking. At the young age of 21 years, Stephen was diagnosed with Hopkins lipoma disease known as ALS. Doctors gave him only three years to live but he defiled to live for five more decades. Stephen was already sick when he published his famous book the brief history of time. Despite his illness, he was keen on helping us understand how the universe works. He sparked our interest in physics and cosmology, the legacy of Stephen will live on for generations to come. His book ignited a love affair with natural workings of the world most of us never knew we had. Stephen is no doubt the greatest scientists of our time. He is a fighter with an amazing zeal to overcome his challenges. The story of the small man in the wheelchair doing marvelously with funny personality things is irresistible to most of us. Until his death in 14th March 2018, Stephen had a positive outlook on life even as the disease ravaged his body. He was just 76 years old. Stephen was born in 1942 exactly 300 years from the death of the great philosopher Galileo Galilee and he died on the day Einstein was born. As a kid, Stephen lived most of his life in Oxford. His father, a medical doctor, and mother a secretary at the University of Oxford were WWII survivals who were avid readers. He had two elder sisters and an adopted brother. Despite seeming smart, Stephen was an average kid at school. When it was time for him to choose a career at 17 years old, his father insisted that he too become a doctor which Stephen later joked about later that he would have been a useless doctor. He felt there’s nothing much he could add to the medical field, so he and his father agreed that he would study natural science with a focus on physics instead. There was nothing really extraordinary about Stephen at Oxford University where he studied but the people around him noticed his brilliance and his love for life. Stephen was a party boy: he was very sociable and barely had time for his study. His activity as a controller in the Rowing club made him a popular name on campus. He was living a simple life enjoying the moments until he began to notice blurry vision, memory loss and difficulty doing everyday task. He was officially diagnosed in 1963 at the University of London hospital after months of testing.

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